Mexican Band Members’ Bodies Found In Well

Members from a Mexican band were found at the bottom of a well in northern Mexico, according to Jorje Domene, a spokesman for the state of Nuevo Leon.

Police found 12 bodies in the well, some of which were members of the band. The band was abducted last week by an armed group.

Authorities have been able to identify four of the bodies already, including one Colombian national. Yahoo! News reports that all of the members were wearing jeans and T-shirts with the logo of the group, “Poderoso Kombo Kolombia.”

One band member was able to escape. He told police that the armed men captors asked them if they belonged to an organized crime gang. When they refused to answer, they were shot.

It isn’t clear if the surviving band member was injured or how he was able to escape. A total of 18 men were abducted from a party on Thursday near the industrial city of Monterrey. Twelve of those men were musicians; the remaining six were staff. Domene stated:

“Presumably there could be more bodies so we will extend the search as far as conditions allow it.”

The San Francisco Chronicle notes that the band members were playing at a ranch in northern Mexico when more than 10 gunmen stormed in and forced them into waiting vehicles.

The survivor was able to lead authorities to the well where searchers found the bodies of the band members. Domene added, “The search will continue … to see how many more bodies may be hidden there.”

A forensic official reported that the bodies recovered from the well showed signs of torture. He added that it is hard to tell if there are more bodies hidden in the well because of the water inside.