Virginia House Committee Approves Anti-Gun Control Bill

Richmond, VA – Virginia House of Delegates Militia, Police, and Public Safety Committee approved a bill that would prohibit state agencies from enforcing a new gun control law. The move by the committee happened while Vice President Joe Biden was in town to stump for the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013.

The bill is now headed for a full vote on the house floor, Business Insider reports. The Republican controlled Virginia House of Delegates is currently reviewing House Bill 2340. Delegate Todd Gilbert, a Republican, had this to say about the bill during an interview with the Virginia Pilot:

“No employee of the commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions should help the federal government tread upon our long-held belief that Second Amendment rights are highly individualized and very important.”

Virginia is not the only state fighting back against President Barack Obama’s gun ban initiatives. States which have announced plans to make it illegal for stated officers to enforce federal weapons ban laws include Texas, Mississippi, Wyoming, and Tennessee.

Delegate Bob Marshall of William County introduced HB2340. Following a brief debate on the anti-gun control bill, the measure passed by a 15-7 margin. The vote went along party lines with committee Democrats reportedly in opposition.

Democrats on the Virginia Militia, Police, and Public Safety Committee were concerned that the anti-gun ban bill could detract from gun trafficking investigations. Lawmakers in opposition to the law forbidding state agencies to enforce a gun ban also noted the measure could put federal grant approvals at risk.

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition representative Mike McHugh had this to say about Virginia HB2340:

“If we don’t put some teeth into it, it’ll be useless. I think we’re coming to a point in this country where the states are going to have to face down Barack Obama’s federal plantation.”