Dina Lohan, Mom of the Year? Surely You Jest.

Wild child Lindsay Lohan has gotten enough attention to last a lifetime, but it's much too stereotypical to blame the parents, right? Probably-- but at the same time, praising them probably serves as total overcompensation.

Mingling Moms, a Long Island social group, has popped out of the woodwork to honor Dina Lohan for not doing much-- just for raising Lindsay and getting her into the spotlight. She's not the only one, thank goodness, with other honors going to moms who have raised celebrity-grade brood, from Natalie Portman's mother Shelley Stevens Hershlag to Patricia Vian, Mariah Carey's mother.

Could we sense just a little awkward tension in the Mingling Mom's rep's most recent statements? "We're just honoring celebrities' moms on Long Island. It's something for Mother's Day." *Just*? Way to downplay your own celebrity awards banquet. Could someone be getting a tad defensive?

I have a feeling that someone's going to be plugging "Living Lohan" at a certain banquet in Long Island today.

Image: Harper's Bazaar