Danica McKellar Rocks A Funky Sports Bra And Goes Makeup-Free In Motivational Workout Video

Rich PolkGetty Images for dcp

Danica McKellar might exercise in some pretty stylish workout wear, but the actress just discovered that she doesn’t need to wear a stitch of makeup to look and feel great while she works up a sweat.

Some women don’t feel comfortable going out in public without makeup on, even if they’re heading to the gym where it will be sweated off. However, Danica McKellar might just inspire women like this not to be so fearful of showing off their bare faces. In a video that she recently shared on Twitter, the 43-year-old Wonder Years star went makeup-free and revealed which older actress motivated her to film herself working out with a fresh face. She also tried to see how long she could talk while exercising and showed off her funky fashion sense in a unique sports bra.

“Today I decided to do something a little different. I’m wearing zero makeup, there’s no filter, there’s not the best lighting,” McKellar said.

She went on to explain how the Netflix series Grace and Frankie inspired her to appear on camera with no cosmetics on her face. During an episode of the show, 80-year-old actress Jane Fonda does a scene where she removes her makeup, even though she fears that her love interest will lose interest in her after seeing what she looks like without it. However, as McKellar recounted, he’s “totally cool with it,” which she described as “amazing.”

“Anyway, I thought I’d go totally au naturale and see how that goes,” McKellar said.


For her video, Danica McKellar rocked a pair of black and white leggings and a one-shoulder sports bra. The light peach top featured a cut-out design on the shoulder shaped like a lemon wedge. She revealed that she got her unique sports bra from Peony and Me.

McKellar showed off her ability to multitask by doing arm circles while she talked about how everyone is “flawed.” She revealed that she believes that one of her flaws is her freckles, namely because she has more on the right side of her face than on the left side of her face. She theorized that this is due to the right side of her face being more exposed to the sun while she’s driving.

McKellar also revealed that she’s self-conscious about the area of her body right beneath her armpits, saying that she wants to lose the “softness” there that wasn’t an issue until she entered her 40s. However, she’s not letting herself develop an unhealthy preoccupation with this problem area. Instead, she’s using it as inspiration to work out and get healthier.

“We all have things we can improve upon, and we all see our own flaws, and that’s fine,” McKellar said. “But the point is, to be positive about it, to do something positive about it.”

You can check out McKellar’s motivational, makeup-free workout video below.