Melania Trump Reportedly Thinks Donald Appears ‘Unhinged’ After His Tweet To Iran, Says ‘Hollywood Life’

Andrew HarnikAP Images

According to Hollywood Life, Melania Trump has her own opinions about her husband’s latest Twitter rants. And in particular, she believes that his latest tweets make him look “unhinged.” Not a good word to describe anyone, but Melania reportedly thinks that all of the tweets are not presidential. The source revealed more details.

“It is one thing for [Trump] to try and brush off news reports of what he has said behind closed doors as ‘fake news,’ but when he has written things himself on Twitter it is there in black and white for the whole world to see, and quite frankly, often times, it comes across as unhinged, and most definitely not as presidential behavior.”

Whether or not Melania actually thinks this, it’s a good point that all of the president’s tweets become a part of public record. However, that seems to be the driving force behind the tweets, as it gives Trump a direct, unfiltered mode of communication to regular Americans, as well as to world leaders.

Either way, Trump’s tweet to Iran has raised some eyebrows and prompted criticism of his behavior. The Atlantic said that Trump’s all-caps threat “dramatically inflated the reach of Iranian words that would’ve otherwise been ignored.”

On Sunday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that “peace with Iran would be the mother of all peace and war with Iran would be the mother of all wars.” Rouhani was talking about how he doesn’t believe the U.S. could stop the export of oil from his country. Rouhani added that Trump needs to stop “playing with the lion’s tail” and threatening Iran, “or else you will regret it.” This comment is what got Trump’s blood boiling.

Since Trump’s angry, “loud” tweet, Rouhani has responded saying that it was merely part of “psychological warfare.” He also said that Trump “won’t dare” take military action like he threatened, reported the Times of Israel.


On the other hand, NBC News suggested that Trump’s tweet was a “diversionary tactic” and his handling of Iran has been planned for a long time. Some believe that Trump may tell U.S. allies in Europe to cut economic ties with Iran if they want to continue trade with the U.S. This strategy may not work since Iran has their own allies in Europe and also has an arsenal of cyberattack weapons that could black out American electric and water grids.


Meanwhile, Melania has supposedly given advice to Donald as best as she could.

“Melania has told Donald before that he is his own worst enemy, and that he allows his temper to get the worst of him… And that’s all to [sic] evident when it comes to his Twitter feed.”