'The Parent Trap' Turns 20 As Stars From Iconic Movie Share Behind-The-Scenes Memories

It's hard to believe that the movie that introduced Lindsay Lohan to the world was released 20 years ago today, and to celebrate, the cable channel Freeform had some of the movie's stars share stories with the hashtag #ParentTrap20 during a live airing of the movie Monday evening. While Lohan, who played twins Hallie Parker and Annie James, wasn't on hand to take part, many of the film's other stars were.

Lisa Ann Walter, who played Hallie's nanny/housekeeper Chessy, along with her real-life best friend Elaine Hendrix, who played Quaid's young girlfriend, Meredith Blake, touted the event on their individual Instagram accounts. The two answered questions posed to them, sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits, and were joined on social media by Simon Kunz, who played the butler, Martin, and Maggie Wheeler, who played Marva Kulp Jr.

Walter shared her three favorite Chessy lines on Instagram: "1. "You rang"? 2. "Oh" ("I am Annie" reaction) 3. "Don't look at me, I don't know a thing" which will undoubtedly be instantly recognizable to fans since on average each has probably seen the movie about a billion times considering how often the movie has been shown over the years. She also posted one of those BuzzFeed quizzes which asked which Parent Trap character are you and surprise -- she got Chessy!

"Outrageous hamming with the wonderful Ronnie Stevens. Enjoy the film. X," shared Kunz, along with a picture of himself with the actor who played Grandfather.

One fan asked Hendrix how many takes of the lake mattress scene she had to do. In the film, the twins were wanting to do away with their possible step-monster, so they took the mattress she was sleeping on and sent it out into the lake where they were camping.

"Can't remember. The whole thing was a blur b/c the water was sooooooo COLD!" shared the actress.

Walter also did Instagram live videos from her home in L.A., as she watched the movie in the background, eating popcorn with iced coffee. She discussed how she and Hendrix shot segments for The Today Show while they were in New York, which will be airing this week. She also shared how they filmed on location in Napa but that the interiors were shot at Sony.Fans and actors alike talked about their sadness that Natasha Richardson, who played Lohan's mom Elizabeth James, passed away after a skiing accident in 2009, with Walter choking up as she shared that Richardson was "a delightful and delicious person."

If you missed the fun Monday, you can join them at 7:50 p.m. on Sunday, July 29, and informally screen the movie yourself and talk along with them, with the same #ParentTrap20 hashtag.