Doctor Killed In Office, Shot To Death In Newport Beach Exam Room

A doctor was killed yesterday in California, found dead of gunshot wounds in an office in Newport Beach.

As of now, the doctor killed in the Newport Beach office has not been formally identified by police, but some reports have indicated he may have been targeted by a former patient, 70.

According to Fox News, the doctor was killed in the office’s second floor exam room where his body was discovered. The outlet reports that the unnamed victim had been struck more than once and died of the resultant wounds:

“It happened around 2:45 p.m. [PST] at a medical office in the 500 block of Superior Avenue near Hoag hospital, according to the Newport Beach Police Department … Police say the doctor was found in a second floor exam room suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body … He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

After the doctor was killed in the office, it has been reported the alleged shooter and reported former patient of the man was taken into custody, but it is unclear if the arrest was made on the scene at the time of the shooting or at a second location where the man may have fled after the murder.

Kristen Cotty works in the lab of the office in which the doctor was killed, and she laments the frequency of gun violence seen lately.

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Cotty commented:

“What’s going on with the world today? … I mean, schools, now I got to worry about going to work. This has got to stop.”

Other employees who work where the doctor was killed in the office expressed similar safety concerns, but police assure the public that the shooter was likely singularly focused and targeted only the victim.