Vicki Gunvalson Rumored To Have 'New' Face As Plastic Surgeons Weigh In, Per 'Radar Online'

It's Season 13 of Real Housewives of Orange County, and fans may have noticed that Vicki Gunvalson looks a little different. Well, according to Radar Online, it's all thanks to a lot of plastic surgery.

To start off, Dr. Norman Rowe believes Vicki has gotten a liquid facelift.

"It appears that Vicki has had fillers injected into her cheeks to attempt to elevate and resuspend her face without performing a facelift. I call this type of a procedure the liquid facelift."
Liquid facelifts are a non-surgical procedure and use fillers like JUVEDERM®, Radiesse®, and Restylane®. It can be done on the whole face, or target specific facial features. The procedure lasts a year or two, according to the Liquid Face Lift Association, and usually costs around $2,000.

Dr. Rowe thinks that Vicki had fillers injected into her lips and was also getting Botox treatments. Another surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, thinks that Vicki may have gotten a nose job, to have it "straightened, narrowed, and shortened." Dr. Youn echoed Dr. Rowe, saying that he believes Vicki received JUVEDERM fillers on her smile lines, and puffed her cheeks up with a filler using her own fat.

Another doctor, Adam Schaffner, thinks that Vicki may have undergone skin tightening treatments.

Skin-tightening is another non-surgical operation that can be done via ultrasound energy, radio-frequency treatments, or through the use of intense pulsed light and RF waves, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

In midst of all of the speculation, Vicki has only said that she's done a lower face-lift. She proclaimed, "I promised [my boyfriend, Steve Lodge] I'm done," reported ET. Towards the end of the season, fans can watch Vicki go in for the procedure. She also claims that, although doctors had her put lots of fillers in, that she "took all the fillers out" and has "totally smooth skin now."

Back in 2013, Vicki talked about undergoing cosmetic surgery for a nose job, chin implant, and a fat transfer to her face. She also discussed how difficult it was to recover from the procedures, recalling how her boyfriend would tell her to take a Xanax and continue resting when she tried to get up and be active.

Beyond plastic surgery, Vicki said that it's important for her to eventually settle down in a marriage with her current boyfriend Steve. She said, "I'm a marriage girl...It's going to be a joint decision and stay tuned."