July 23, 2018
'Big Brother 20' Spoilers: The Week 4 Power Of Veto Ceremony Is Held, Causing Drama In The 'BB20' House

Things are getting intense in the Big Brother 20 house and spoilers tease that the latest Power of Veto ceremony has caused some fireworks, tears, and drama. Those who watch solely the televised episodes each week on CBS will soon see all of this play out on screen, but the live feeds have already detailed some juicy BB20 spoilers about where things stand and who is at risk for being evicted on Thursday night.

As viewers have seen, Sam won Head of Household in the endurance competition and she nominated Haleigh and Kaitlyn. As the Inquisitr previously revealed, the Power of Veto competition was held over the weekend and Faysal won. This put him in a bit of a delicate situation, as he has been close with both ladies on the block. However, he told Haleigh he planned to use the POV to save her, despite the drama this would likely cause with Kaitlyn.

The POV ceremony was held Monday afternoon and Big Brother 20 spoilers from the live feeds indicate that Faysal kept his word to Haleigh. As Big Brother Network notes, he saved her and left Kaitlyn on the block. As many spoiler fans possibly saw coming, Sam then nominated Angie (Rockstar) to take Haleigh's place.

Once the BB20 feeds returned, viewers saw that Kaitlyn was already crying. She told Faysal that he'd betrayed her by not using his POV on her and he tried to encourage her to fight to stay, as Rockstar should be a vulnerable nominee. He also tried to explain his reasoning, but Kaitlyn wasn't in a place to hear much of what he said.

The Twitter account @BB_Updates notes that Kaitlyn told Faysal that she now knows where he stands, and it's not with her. She later connected with Bayleigh and Rockstar and ranted about Sam's choices and the live feeds showed Faysal and Tyler talking about Kaitlyn and comparing notes to an extent. It seems that Sam nearly nominated JC instead of Rockstar, and Big Brother 20 spoilers hint that this could cause some waves in the days to come as well.

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the feeds also indicate that Sam has shared the scoop with the other houseguests regarding the Bonus Life power that will come into play after Thursday's eviction. While there are still some details yet to be revealed, everybody now knows that the BB20 player voted out in Week 4 will have an opportunity to fight her way back into the game.

Will the BB20 house evict Kaitlyn over Rockstar, and if so, will Kaitlyn manage to win her way back into the house? If she does, it'll surely cause a lot of drama and could shake things up a great deal. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers heading into Thursday's eviction to see how the votes shape up over the next few days.