‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn Rushes To Save Peter, Lucas Pleads With Alexis, And Drew Questions Margaux

Paul HebertABC

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode indicate that this is a must-watch episode. Valentin saved Nina from the fire Obrecht set on Spoon Island and Curtis snagged Liesl as she tried to get away. However, Peter’s still in the fire and teasers suggest that Finn will save the day. Lucas and Brad are getting closer to the due date for the baby they hope to adopt, so they’re feeling anxious, and Drew and Margaux will be crossing paths again.

The sneak peek shared by the show via Twitter shares that Kim and Julian will be having a serious discussion while Josslyn seemingly suggests to Oscar that they take things to the next level in their relationship. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Josslyn will be annoyed during the July 23 show, so it sounds as if Oscar might not be quite as ready for intimacy as Joss thinks she is. Kim might sound serious as she has this discussion with Julian, but she’ll apparently be helping him in some way.

The fire on Spoon Island continues and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Finn will risk his life in order to save Anna’s son. Maxie will be at the doorway, panicked over how long it’s taking for the two men to emerge, but the buzz is that Finn will save the day.


Peter will be taken to General Hospital to be checked out, but it sounds as if he’ll recover. General Hospital spoilers note that Finn will be feeling worried, and viewers can guess that he’ll soon be feeling concerned over not being able to connect with Anna at Robin’s the way he’d have assumed would be easy to do. He’ll want her to know that Peter has been found, but now the mystery regarding who took Anna will start to come into play.

Nina is in a difficult position at the moment, as Obrecht felt betrayed by her and she was knee-deep in this scheme to hold Peter captive. General Hospital spoilers detail that she won’t waste any time reaching out for legal advice, as she will talk with Alexis and follow whatever suggestions Alexis provides. In addition, Alexis will also be talking with Lucas, who is feeling quite anxious about the possibility that the adoption plan he and Brad have with their mystery expectant mother could fall through.

Drew is said to receive a gift from someone and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will be chatting with Margaux again. She apparently will mention something about having an interest in his company and this will spark questions from Drew. Will fans take to this possible pairing of Margaux and Drew?

Monday’s show seemingly won’t focus on the drama involving Michael, Chase, and Nelle, but there is plenty of action on the way this week with that storyline. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will be an intense week with plenty of action and viewers are anxious to see what comes next.