Chris Christie Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill, Suggests Smaller Increase

Chris Christie conditionally vetoed the latest minimum wage bill in New Jersey, offering a smaller rate increase instead.

The Republican Governor’s decision was extremely unpopular to Democrats, who vowed to send their proposal to voters in November.

The bill that was conditionally vetoed would have increased New Jersey’s minimum wage to $8.50 per hour from $7.25. The increase would have tied the state to the consumer price index, reports The Huffington Post.

In making his decision, Christie called the bill “lopsided,” adding that the wage hike would doom small businesses. He added:

“The sudden, significant minimum-wage increase in this bill, coupled with automatic raises each year tied to the United States consumer price index, will jeopardize the economic recovery we all seek.”

Instead, Chris Christie proposed a smaller bill that would increase the minimum wage by $0.25 immediately. It would then add $0.50 next year and a final $0.25 for the third year.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver was less than pleased by Governor Christie’s veto decision. Yahoo! News notes that Oliver called the conditional veto “unacceptable.” She added:

“Any proposal that lacks annual adjustments to ensure wages keep pace with the economy is not a real solution.”

Oliver added that lawmakers have the simple majority required to put the bill on the ballot for voters in November.

Ten states increased their minimum wage on January 1. They increased their rate by between 10 and 35 percent. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo also recently proposed an increase of his state’s minimum wage to $8.75 from $7.25.

Do you agree with Chris Christie’s decision to conditionally veto the minimum wage bill?