Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Look Back Together In Tokyo

Jordan StraussInvision

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd split up back in November 2016, but lately, they appear as if they could be back together, but there’s the possibility they may just be incredibly close friends.

According to a People report, The Weeknd shared several pictures of Bella Hadid with him in Tokyo on Sunday prompting a lot of speculation that they indeed reunited after their break up more than 18 months ago.

Last week, Inquisitr reported that Hadid took to Instagram to joyously exclaim she’d completed her “last day of work” and planned to enjoy her break with a vacation.

Now, it looks like Hadid joined her ex in Japan for some fun this summer. The 28-year-old singer shared social media posts that show the model and himself hanging out and enjoying themselves among friends in Tokyo. In one of his Instagram story clips, Hadid is laughing and enjoying watching a pair of robots battling each other at the Robot Restaurant.

He also shared a picture of himself and his friends with the caption, “No More Dreams photo: @bellahadid.” The Weeknd made sure the entire world knew that the model snapped the group picture he posted on the popular social media platform. The caption thrilled fans, and they took note of the apparent inclusion of his ex-girlfriend.

No More Dreams ???? : @bellahadid

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The group also appeared to enjoy some time in a private karaoke room, and the 21-year-old model featured heavily in the clips looking like she was having the time of her life dancing and wearing a light up headband.

In April, the duo engaged in a serious public display of affection at a Coachella after party. Earlier this summer they kissed in Cannes, France, which first sparked rumors of a reunion. Then last month, they walked the streets of Paris together adding further fuel to the fire that they started up their relationship again. Of course, neither party has officially given the word that they are back together.

Last week, before meeting him in Tokyo, Hadid cleverly called out her ex by posting an artful image of herself. Rather than tagging The Weeknd in the picture, which would’ve been so last year, she actually used lyrics from one of his songs to get his attention, and it worked because he “liked” it. She wrote, “As long as u know that when I land ur mine…” which is a lyric from the artist’s song, “Pretty.”

as long as u know that when I land ur mine... ????

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If these two aren’t back together, they certainly seem to be enjoying each other’s company, for now.