Rob Zombie Posts New ‘3 From Hell’ Images On ‘Devil’s Rejects’ 13th Anniversary

Jason DavisGetty Images

As Inquisitr recently reported, Rob Zombie, who recently announced a new album was coming in 2019, is also set to release 3 From Hell, a followup to The Devil’s Rejects, in the same year. The announcement suggested a busy schedule for the rocker and filmmaker.

Zombie’s Instagram was alive and well today, as he was online celebrating the 13th anniversary of his horror cult-film, The Devil’s Rejects. Fans and Zombie himself have dubbed the anniversary “Rejects Day.”

Two Instagram posts compared the returning cast of 3 From Hell beside pictures of themselves on set during production of The Devil’s Rejects 13 years ago.

The images show actor Bill Moseley, who is reprising his Rejects role of Otis B. Driftwood, alongside Sherri Moon Zombie, who is stepping back into the role of Baby Firefly. Another set-photo depicted Sherri Moon Zombie side-by-side with her stunt double on both sets 13 years apart.

Rob Zombie also teased fans, and possibly taunted religious critics of himself, by posting to Instagram once again today, declaring that his upcoming show in Syracuse, New York, would not be “Satanic.” He then modified the statement that it may in fact be “a little” satanic.

The cheeky comment was captioning a photo of Rob Zombie standing on stage in front of a backdrop of an inverted pentagram, which is a known symbol of LaVeyan Satanism.

The photo comes from Rob Zombie’s current co-headlining tour with Marilyn Manson, the Twins Of Evil: The Second Coming Tour.

Rob Zombie has been using Satanic imagery in his music for decades, going all the way back to his first band, White Zombie. Their mainstream breakout album was titled La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1.

Since the release, Rob Zombie includes Satanic imagery as a regular part of his image, considered by many to be more a display of theatrics than an actual lifestyle for the singer. Despite this, his imagery and lyrics have previously sparked outrage from concerned parents in the 1990s. Satanic symbols associated with Rob Zombie’s work include such recognizable images as inverted crosses and the number 666. Usage of inverted crosses and inverted pentagrams, in particular, come from the Church of Satan, a religious organization began by Anton LaVey.

The Church of Satan actually considers themselves an atheistic organization, believing in neither God, nor Satan. Instead, Satan is used as a symbol of what members say is a representation of “pride, individualism, and enlightenment.”

Zombies’ tourmate, Marilyn Manson, has come under fire in the past for accusations of devil-worship as well. Accusations of Satanism against Manson were most prominent after his 1996 album, AntiChrist Superstar.