Galaxy Note 9: Leaked Image Of Samsung’s Flagship Phablet Shows Off Updated S-Pen

As the days trickle down to the official reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, leaks about the upcoming flagship phablet have begun to emerge in earnest. With most of the smartphone’s upcoming specs all but leaked, the rumor mill has now turned to what appears to be actual promo images of the device.

It is no secret that Samsung appears to be saving most of its notable upgrades for the Galaxy S10 next year. This means that the Note 9 would be released with only a few slight upgrades over its direct predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8. This was the exact same strategy that Samsung adopted for the Galaxy S9, and it didn’t really work very well, with the devices not selling as much as Samsung hoped.

By withholding more impressive upgrades until the release of the Galaxy S10, Samsung is pretty much forcing the Note 9 to be released as an even more underwhelming device than the S9. This could not be more prominent than in the reactions of smartphone enthusiasts online, many of whom have stated that the Note 9’s leaked design just doesn’t invoke excitement.

If there is anything different about the Galaxy Note 9, it would be its color options. Just recently, a leak of what appears to be the Note 9 in lilac purple has emerged on Nieuwe Mobiel, and it actually looks pretty good. While the rear of the smartphone has a layout that is reminiscent of LG’s horizontal arrangement of camera sensors, the size of the Note 9 is very prominent.

Perhaps even more interesting was a leak from noted mobile leaker Evan Blass. During a conversation on Twitter with noted tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, Blass uploaded what appears to be a promo image for the Galaxy Note 9. Unlike past promo images, Blass’ latest picture depicts the upcoming flagship with a gold S-Pen. Considering that the S-Pen is rumored to debut new functionalities this year, a new color option for the smartphone accessory makes perfect sense.

Based on leaked images of the Galaxy Note 9, some features remain prevalent. For one, the upcoming flagship phablet would likely be equipped with a 6.3-inch display and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, similar to its direct predecessor. Considering the features of the Galaxy Note 9, there is a good chance that the device would prove to be modest in terms of sales. If any, it would be just what Samsung needs to weather the rest of 2018, which still includes the release of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, until it unveils the Galaxy S10 early next year.