Mets’ Noah Syndergaard On The Disabled List With Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease

Stephen DunnGetty Images

Noah Syndergaard recently visited a youth clinic, which could be cause for the latest medical issue to hit the Mets, contracting Hand, foot, and mouth disease, according to assistant general manager John Ricco. The disease places Syndergaard on the 10-day disabled list, with the Mets hoping he only misses the one start according to the New York Times.

The 25-year old last pitched Friday, July 13, against the New York Yankees, his first start in the last seven weeks after being benched with a strained ligament in his right index finger. Injuries are no stranger to the player who only started seven times in 2017 due to a partially torn lat muscle.

The virus may be to blame for his “sluggish performance” Friday, said the New York Times. The “flame-throwing” pitcher was removed after just five innings when his fastball began dipping into the low 90’s.

The extremely contagious virus is the cause for Syndergaard being removed from the Mets clubhouse and not supporting his team Sunday when the Mets faced the Yankees in The Bronx, entering the day with the second-worst record in the National League according to Sports Illustrated.

The Mayo Clinic defines the disease (or virus) as a contagious viral infection common in young children, but extremely contagious. Symptoms include fever, sore throat. blisters on tongue and gums, a red, sometimes blistering rash on palms, feet, and buttox as well as loss of appetite.

“Characterized by sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet,” The Mayo Clinic’s website said. “A fever is often the first sign of disease followed by a sore throat and poor appetite.”


The 6-foot-1 athlete has a 2.89 ERA and 83 strikeouts this season for the New York Mets. With his July 31, non-waiver deadline approaching, the Mets manager was asked if his illness might affect the trade.

“I don’t think so because this is a short-term issue and he’s been out there a few times and teams know what he is,” Ricco told the New York Post.

Trading Syndergaard in the relative prime of his career would be a significant risk to the Mets whose season is at 40-56 and on pace for 95 losses after beginning the year 11-1. MLB rumors say the San Diego Padres are considering a trade for the pitcher this winter. Syndergaard remains one of the majors’ most valuable starters, the Mets would require an enormous return in order to move their star.