Galaxy S10: Samsung’s 2019 Flagship Would Be The Company’s Biggest Smartphone Yet

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will likely be an entirely different breed of smartphone compared to its predecessor — the somewhat conservative Galaxy S9. Rumored to be equipped with a new design and several novel features, expectations are high that Samsung’s first 2019 flagship mobile device will be everything that the S9 wasn’t, plus more.

Notable smartphone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that the South Korean tech giant is preparing something special for the Galaxy S10+. According to Kuo, the upcoming top-tier variant of the 2019 flagship handset would feature the largest display that Samsung has ever produced for a smartphone, with the screen reportedly stretching as far as 6.44 inches from end to end. Considering that the Galaxy S10 would likely not have an iPhone X-like notch, 6.44 inches of uninterrupted screen space is substantial.

Kuo also noted that the Galaxy S10 would feature an on-display fingerprint sensor — a security feature that Apple has completely abandoned in favor of Face ID for the iPhone X. According to the smartphone analyst, the Fingerprint-on-Sensor (FOD) feature would be exclusive to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. A third device, rumored to be dubbed as the Galaxy S10 Lite, will reportedly have its fingerprint scanner installed on the side, according to a Forbes report.

According to a recent report from the South Korean publication The Bell, Samsung could also adopt a new strategy with its flagship mobile devices in 2019. The publication states that Samsung might actually decide to employ some of the Galaxy Note series’ tricks on the upcoming Galaxy S10. Among these would be the introduction of the S-Pen, arguably the Note series’ most iconic feature, to the S-series line. The Bell‘s report further noted that since the two flagship lines already share several similarities, including their bleeding-edge specs and premium features, adopting some of the Note series’ elements in the Galaxy S10 makes business sense.

So what would happen to the Note series in 2019? According to the publication, Samsung might very well discontinue it, considering that the flagship line’s features will be given to the Galaxy S10+ instead. With the Note series retired, Samsung would be able to focus on promoting a line of smartphones that would compete directly with Apple’s iPhone series. In this sense, boosting the S-series with the Note’s features for the S10+ seems like the right decision. A Galaxy S-series smartphone with an S-Pen, after all, would be a pretty interesting combination.

In a way, retiring the Note line seems like a good idea for Samsung. The S+ and the Note series, after all, have a considerable amount of overlap when it comes to features and size. Also, removing the Note from its lineup in 2019 would free Samsung to release a new line of premium smartphones for the second half of the year. Perhaps, it would finally be time to release the near-mythical Samsung Galaxy X.