Second ‘Venom’ Trailer Debuts Gory Scene

Kevin WinterGetty Images

One of the biggest weekends in movie news is here as upcoming films debut trailers and hold panels at San Diego Comic-Con. Alongside movies like Aquaman, Glass, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Shazam!, Venom debuted a new trailer at the festival which unfortunately was only revealed to those attending the panel, and has not yet been released online. The Tom Hardy film blew up on Twitter after the secret trailer was revealed, with many claiming it was horrifying and offered so much more than the original trailer.

Comic Book broke down the trailer for those not lucky enough to see it, and the second trailer appears to give a more in-depth look at Venom himself, who fans only saw for a few seconds at the end of the first trailer. The biggest takeaway from the new trailer and the panel was the revelation of Riot as the film’s main villain. For months, Carnage was suspected to be the big bad, with rumors even suggesting Woody Harrelson would take on the role. Now it can be confirmed that Riz Ahmed will be playing Riot, ending all the previous rumors.

Perhaps the most shocking thing to come out of the new Venom trailer was a gory shot of the antihero biting off the head of a man, most likely the man seen at the end of the first trailer who Venom basically introduces himself to. Venom can also be seen in the trailer transforming his arms into axes as he wipes out a whole slew of people. The character is clearly going to be just as disturbing as he has always been in the comics.

“Wow. #Venom footage just dropped my jaw. This movie just earned the right to be taken seriously on every level. Venom just ate a dude’s head and Eddie was like, “Yeah.” F—ing tremendous,” one lucky viewer tweeted.

Tom Hardy himself got plenty of screen time in the new trailer as well, looking very unwell after interacting with the symbiote. Panel attendees also watched as Eddie Brock meets Venom for the first time in the reflection of a car window.


For now, it’s unclear when the second trailer for Venom will be released online, but some are suggesting it could hit YouTube this coming week. An account associated with the film on Twitter hinted the trailer would be coming this week, but nothing is for certain just yet. The account “Eddie’s Clubhouse” is verified by Twitter, and has the Venom emoji next to its hashtag, the same as other hashtags for the film.

Venom stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and Jenny Slate. It hits theaters on October 5.