Sarah Hyland Rocks A Tiny Red And Orange Bikini And Dreams About Tacos During Vacation With Wells Adams

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Sarah Hyland fans are loving the way she styled her vibrant string bikini in one of her recent Instagram photos. They also think that the Modern Family star and boyfriend Wells Adams look like they’re ready to live out a real-life romance novel, but Hyland set them straight; she didn’t have her man on her mind when the snapshot was taken.

Hyland, 27, and Adams, 33, are currently enjoying a dream vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico, but Hyland’s daydreams about a certain beef-filled snack food are making it difficult for her to focus on her boyfriend and the gorgeous scenery around her. On Sunday, Hyland took to Instagram to share one of the couple’s blissful vacation photos. In the image, the petite actress is rocking a red string bikini top and a brightly colored sarong featuring a bold floral print design. Her stylish beach accessories include a straw Panama hat, cat eye sunglasses, and a pair of huge yellow statement earrings featuring tassels that brushed the tops of her shoulders.

Sarah Hyland’s sarong is gently blowing in the breeze, and she’s looking out over the top of her retro shades with a dreamy expression on her face. Wells Adams is standing behind her with an unbuttoned white shirt that’s also fluttering in the wind. It appears that he decided to color-coordinate his beachwear with his girlfriend’s by rocking a pair of red and black striped swim trunks. In the caption accompanying the photo, Hyland explains why she looks so pensive.

“Always thinking about tacos. This time it’s just on a boat,” it reads.

However, some of Sarah Hyland’s Instagram followers thought she and Wells Adams looked like they were taking part in a romantic photo shoot, not thinking about what they wanted for lunch.

“You look like a Ralph Lauren ad,” wrote one commenter.

“It’s like a Romance novel cover!” another remarked.

Other fans gushed over Sarah’s vacation style, with one fan comparing her to legendary actress Audrey Hepburn.

“I love how this pic has an Audrey Hepburnness to it, mixed with a silly yet true caption about tacos. Pure gold. I even read it in your voice.”

Wells Adams also shared an Instagram photo that was taken during his romantic getaway with Sarah Hyland, and it showcases the mismatched bottom half of Hyland’s skimpy string bikini: orange drawstring bottoms that barely cover her up in the front. However, Adams decided that it was her top that needed more coverage, holding up two gigantic starfish in front of her breasts.

“@sarahhyland wants me to caption this – ‘Starfishing for compliments,'” he captioned the silly photo.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are staying at the El Dorado Maroma resort, which is located on Maroma Beach. When the couple got back to their beach-side bungalow after their boat ride, Hyland didn’t reveal whether she got those tacos that she was dreaming of. However, she did take to her Instagram stories to reveal that she was enjoying some wine.

While she was getting tipsy on Syrah, Sarah Hyland danced to the West Side Story song “America.” However, she revealed that she was having such a good time in Mexico that she didn’t want to return to her home country. She also lip-synced along to The Little Mermaid song “Part of Your World.” Unfortunately, her silly performance didn’t include the mermaid bra that Wells Adams created for her.