‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: One Houseguest Threatens To Self-Evict

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20 episodes not yet aired.

The Head of Household, nominees for eviction, and Power of Veto results have all played out on Big Brother live feeds within the last few days, but have not yet aired on CBS. Fans who watch the live feeds, or keep up with fans accounts on Twitter already know that Sam was crowned HOH, Haleigh and Kaitlyn were nominated for eviction, and Faysal won the POV competition. The POV ceremony will take place on Monday, and as the Inquisitr previously reported, Faysal is planning to take Haleigh off the block forcing Sam to put up a replacement nominee.

All the drama surrounding Faysal’s win has caused his friend Kaitlyn to consider self-evicting herself over the fact that he will likely pull Haleigh off the block. Faysal has not flat out told Kaitlyn he would save her either, which only added fuel to the fire. The second houseguest evicted, Swaggy C, caught wind of Kaitlyn’s threat to self-evict which caused him to go into a rant on Twitter.

“If Kaitlyn self-evicts herself, after EVICTING me, I will be LIVID. I’ll do anything to be back in that house and you’re just gonna quit?! Not even campaign?! I spent my last 4 days campaigning my A** off the best I could. If she just self-evicts, I will go OFF,” he shared online.

Houseguests compete in the fourth HOH challenge of the season.Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

Most Big Brother fans don’t quite believe the life coach would self-evict and was just threatening to go through with it to get attention from her fellow houseguests. Kaitlyn has been the center of most of the drama this season on Big Brother and has become the most hated houseguest on Twitter by far. She has betrayed her own alliance, FOUTTE, by backdooring Swaggy C which caused tension between herself and her close friend, Faysal. Kaitlyn has been running back and forth between Faysal and Tyler for most of the season and demands attention and loyalty from both of them.

“Anyone who thinks Kaitlyn would self-evict without making a HUGE scene and plea to Tyler is as delusional as she is,” a fan tweeted.

Kaitlyn Herman of Big Brother Season 20
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After threatening to self-evict, Kaitlyn headed to the diary room where she spent a significant amount of time. She returned and it became obvious she did not follow through on her plans, but she still has several days before the next eviction ceremony where she might decide to follow through on her plan. Some fans are suggesting Kaitlyn will wait until the veto ceremony tomorrow to self-evict if Faysal chooses to pull Haleigh off the block.

Another fan tweeted, “if faysal doesn’t use the veto on kaitlyn she will self evict, who wants to take bets?”

The live feeds will reveal who Faysal has chosen to take, or not take, off the block tomorrow but viewers of the show will have to wait several days before finding out.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST, Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST, with a live eviction on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.