Rob Corddry To Star In ABC ‘Spy’ Pilot

Rob Corddry is moving from Childrens’ Hospital to ABC’s new pilot titled Spy.

The new show is based on the British series of the same name. Corddry will play Tim, a do good father of a highly intelligent son who also happens to hate him.

The father in the original series inadvertently accepts a job as a spy for the secret service. After realizing his mistake, the dad keeps the job in order to prove his worth as a father.

Hulu Plus viewers can currently watch the British version of Spy on their various Hulu enabled devices.

Spy (US) is being written by Simeon Goulden, the mastermind behind the Sky1 UK series.

Executive producers for the ABC pilot are Jimmy Mulville and Helen Williams.

Spy will be produced for ABC Studios and Hat Trick Productions.

Corddry won’t only bring great comedic timing to his role; he is an accomplished comedy writer who has written for Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital. Corrdry also actively works as a correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Here is a short clip from the UK Spy series. In this clip Tim realizes he has been interviewing for his future spy job without realizing what he has gotten himself into:

British comedies adapted for an American audience have been hit or miss. For every The Office that makes its successful way stateside, there is a Couplings type series waiting in the wind to literally destroy what was a really funny British series.