Chrissy Teigen Shares Adorable Video Of Son Miles As Fans Love His Resemblance To Dad, John Legend


Chrissy Teigen shared a super adorable video of her son, Miles, in his crib. Miles is wearing a sweet white onesie with brown stripes and large light-brown buttons. And most of all, fans can’t get over how much Miles already looks like his dad, John Legend, especially when he smiles. The cute video is short but sweet.

Almost all the fans are in agreement that Miles is a “mini John,” as others say he “is the image of John” and fans said in a funny way, “this baby has john legends face copied and pasted onto its head.”

Chrissy and John have reportedly been keeping things simple and low-key since Miles was born. During a performance in Beverly Hills in June, Legend explained the family’s new dynamics, reported People.

“There’s a lot of family days. We’ve been home a lot. We haven’t been working much at all. I’ve barely been working and Chrissy hasn’t really been working at all, and so we spend a lot of time at home. We just enjoy each other’s company.”

The couple has been super hands-on with their daughter, Luna, and son, Miles, too.

“A lot of it’s just the nuts and bolts of making sure Miles is fed,” John added. “Making sure he sleeps well. Making sure we burp him. Making sure we change his diaper. It’s just the practical everyday things of being a parent, and so we’re immersed in that time in his life right now.”

Chrissy has been sharing all of the funny moments of being a mom on Instagram, and although she has experienced some backlash, especially for her breastfeeding video, Teigen has kept things fun and real.

Earlier in July, Chrissy shared a video of Luna shouting “No! No! No!” as John Legend attempted to sing and play the guitar. This is super funny, considering that she’s complaining about a multiple-Grammy and Oscar-winning musician. Luna was probably just in a bad mood though, because she’s also been taped cheering her dad on when he was performing on the Ellen Degeneres Show, said People.

Although both Chrissy and John are famous and successful, their openness about what it’s like to be a parent has made them one of the most relatable power couples around.

And even though Chrissy is busy as can be, it hasn’t stopped her from launching a collaborative makeup line with Becca. From a Glow Face Palette, Glow Body Oil, to Glow Gloss lip gloss, the line seems to be a great success, according to the Hollywood Reporter.