Margot Robbie Is Not Pregnant, Despite Tabloid Report

James D. MorganGetty Images

Margot Robbie, 28, is the latest female celebrity to face claims that she has a baby on board. But Gossip Cop reports that the “news” is fake.

Radar Online recently published an article which speculated that The Wolf Of Wall Street’s breakout star is currently carrying her first child. The celebrity gossip website claimed that while on set, Robbie said she would not need a fake baby bump during the filming of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. She is currently playing Sharon Tate in the film which recounts the story of the Charles Manson murders. Tate was close to nine months pregnant when she was brutally killed by the Manson family.

Radar claims that a member of the film crew heard Robbie drop the baby news.

But as Gossip Cop notes, Robbie has been participating in activities that doctors often advise pregnant women to avoid. For example, she was recently seen surfing in Costa Rica. That’s a no-no for women who are pregnant because you can harm the baby when you fall into the water. As Gossip Cop notes, it’s hard to believe that Robbie would do something that could endanger her child if she knows that she is pregnant.

Furthermore, as the Inquisitr previously reported, during that surfing trip, Margot Robbie was seen wearing a cropped surfing top and black string bikini bottoms. In the photo, her stomach looks extremely flat. Women usually start telling people that they’re pregnant after three months and they often have a visible belly by then. But the Suicide Squad actress doesn’t seem to have one, based on these photos that were posted on Twitter on July 20.


The Daily Mail also reports that Robbie downed some cocktails with her husband, Tom Ackerley, after spending time in the water. That’s also something that pregnant women aren’t supposed to do.

This isn’t the first time that Robbie has faced pregnancy rumors. According to the Daily Mail, back in April, 2017, a tabloid news outlet in Australia published an article which reported that she was expecting. Their source said that she was keeping it a secret because she wasn’t showing as yet. They also speculated that she might have been pregnant during her wedding last year. Time has proven to be the best fact checker since over a year has passed and Robbie is still childless. Based on present evidence, it looks like the current rumors are just as baseless as those that were published in 2017.