Rita Ora Rocks Shiny Green One-Piece Bathing Suit On Yacht Outing

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Pop singer and worldwide talent Rita Ora took to Instagram today to share a truly picture perfect experience with her fans across the globe on the social media platform.

Backgrounded by deep blue waters and a city skyline, the starlet was splayed out on cushions installed atop a luxury yacht. Wearing a skin-tight iridescent green one-piece swimsuit, Ora turned nonchalantly to the camera to show off her toned physique and natural curves. Completing the look was a matching pair of 1980s inspired sunglasses, the shades having a striking green trim that matched her swimsuit perfectly.

Ora is well known for posting barely-there bikini pictures and swimsuit snapshots to Instagram, and usually attracts a crowd when she does so. A recent picture shared with her fanbase yesterday displays Ora in a beautiful gold two-piece string bikini in an almost candid pose, transparent shades and tousled hair completing the aesthetic. This particular image collected over 300,000 likes from Instagram users paying attention to her high profile feed, and was followed up almost immediately after by a top-down selfie showing the singer’s fierce side.

Despite having been posted a little over an hour ago, Rita Ora’s latest Insta snap has attracted a great deal of attention, garnering over 117,000 likes and a slew of complimentary comments from fans in a short period of time. While a particular location isn’t tagged on her most recent share, one likely guess is that Ora remains in or near Barcelona, Spain – which is coincidentally where yesterday’s Instagram pictures were location tagged.

Ora is perhaps best known for her skyrocketing musical career, including such hits as “R.I.P.,” “How We Do (Party),” “Your Song,” and “Anywhere” – the last two titles released as singles last year for her upcoming studio album. In May, Ora collaborated with red-hot rapper Cardi B amongst other talents to produce “Girls,” which continues to top charts well into the summer. The “Girls” music video hosted on YouTube has accrued over 33 million hits, with 563,000 likes and only 43,000 dislikes in the mix.

Featured image credit: Craig BarrittGetty Images

Melding a natural tropical aesthetic complete with a jungle motif along with a neon-infused cyberpunk milieu, it can hardly be argued that Rita Ora isn’t taking chances with her musical career as far as the latest music video is concerned. A blend of classic pop with something more futuristic and alien has led to a career that continues on the upswing in an industry that often punishes artistic license and free-form creativity, yet Ora seems to transcend these touchstones in order to produce something truly innovative.