71-Year-Old Escort Busted: Online Ad Says She’s 60 And ‘Well Preserved’

Glastonbury, CT – A 71-year-old alleged escort was busted by Connecticut authorities Friday.

Sygun Liebhart, who goes by the name of “Lola” when she’s working the corner, was busted by cops who replied to her backpage.com ad titled “Older is Better,” reports MSN.

A member of the East Central Narcotics Task Force arranged a meet with Liebhart at her hotel in Glastonbury, where her notorious crime spree came to an end with an arrest. She was booked with a $500 bond.

The arrest is great, but the best part about this story is Liebhart’s ad. In a collection of her online activities collected by The Smoking Gun, Liebhart is described as a “perfect pleasure,” who is “delicious, delectable, delightful,” and made clear that she’d only be in Glastonbury for three days.

A previous posting listed Liebhart (again, “Lola”) as 60-years-old (a bold-faced lie!) and noted that she is “well preserved” and “all natural.” The ad gave her phone number, but said no texts, e-mails, and no booking of appointments past 8pm, presumably because she’s busy watching Wheel of Fortune around that time.

A third online ad describes Liebhart as a “truly mature escort with over 25 years experience in delivering a symphony of luxury and sensual delight to discriminating professional gentlemen both younger and older who can afford the best and who prefer their women a bit older but a lot better.”

Customers are suggested to “savor the charms of maturity and submit yourself to sensuous abandon in the arms of a genuine Cougar.”

You can check out some very NSFW pictures of Liebhart here.