Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’ May Involve Fluffy The Crate Beast & Comic Book For Each Episode, Says Nicotero

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AMC’s Shudder recently announced a green light that has horror fans buzzing, both online and more recently at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2018.

Creepshow, the iconic horror film, regarded in the horror community as one of the greats, is officially coming back to audiences in the form of a television series. This announcement followed the extremely successful premiere of The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs, in which Shudder resurrected the long-absent host of TNT’s Monstervision, Joe Bob Briggs, a figure beloved by horror fans of all types.

According to an exclusive interview with Dread Central, from the ongoing SDCC 2018, Greg Nicotero was at the convention and spoke candidly with the horror news outlet about the upcoming project.

When asked about details of the highly-anticipated Creepshow series, creative-force Greg Nicotero seemed happy to discuss some exciting plans for the Shudder exclusive, though he also added the caveat that at this early stage of the series, such specific plans still may or may not come to pass.

One major question on the minds of horror fans was whether or not writers of the series will be including stories from the original Creepshow movie, or if the series will be solely new material. Greg Nicotero seemed more than keen on the idea of including the iconic beast known as Fluffy, who appears in the Creepshow segment “The Crate.” He also added that inclusion of the titular prop itself may be logistically easier than many may have thought, as Greg Nicotero actually owns the original crate prop used in the 1982 film.

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Nicotero also expressed a desire to get Ed Harris back into dance-mode, a reference to the Creepshow segment “Fathers Day,” though this may have been said in jest.

Nicotero’s plans to include stories from the original film are contingent on whether or not such inclusion would be a legal copyright issue.

“It’s early but I can tell you that as long as we don’t get into any rights issues, I don’t see why we wouldn’t do something like [include Fluffy]… I have the original crate in fact… it still has all the blood painted on the side. Certainly my pedigree would be to resurrect certain aspects of those stories… maybe a continuation or even a prequel. Ed Harris will have to do the dance… that’s for sure.”

Another plan Nicotero revealed, certain to excite horror fans, is the idea to include a digital comic book to all Shudder subscribers, which would retell the story from each prior episode.

Ed Harris’ dance scene from the opening segment of Creepshow has been a point of unintentional humor for horror fans spanning three decades, alongside the spastic dancing of a young Crispin Glover in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.