Man Named King Kong Threatened To Kidnap And Eat Children, Police Say

There is a reason children are afraid of King Kong.

No, we are not talking about the 25-feet gorilla inhabiting Skull Island, but King Kong Choul, a 47-year-old Iowa man who threatened children with kidnapping, murder, and even terrorized them with reported plans to eat them during a bizarre episode on Wednesday night.

According to the police report obtained by Newsweek, Choul, who seemed to be heavily inebriated during the incident, chased several children around an apartment building on Seneca Street near East 13th Street, all the while menacing them with fatal consequences if he managed to get hold of them.

The Storm Lake Police report stated that Choul approached the children saying “he was going to cut them up into small pieces and eat them.” He went on to reveal his alleged plans of what he wanted to do with them, telling the children that “he had a bag of salt and would put salt on them as seasoning after he cut them into pieces.”

Not only children, but when King Kong found a mother on the street walking with her one-month-old baby, he threatened her as well, saying he would kidnap the toddler. The woman was chased on foot by Choul before she finally managed to hide herself in an apartment nearby. But he wouldn’t stop intimidating them with strange threats, “repeatedly looking in the windows of the apartment and banging on them.”

Chris Cole of the Storm Lake Police Department said that alcohol “probably played a factor,” but disclosed that King Kong has been a bit of a nuisance for the authorities lately, also having been arrested on an unrelated charge a few weeks earlier. The department didn’t reveal why Choul was arrested in the previous case, however.

Now Choul is being held on a harassment charge in Buena Vista County Jail on a $2,000 bond.

The strange news elicited a wide array of responses both from residents of the apartment complex, as well as people on social media, according to Click On Detroit. While the mother who was threatened, not unlike other residents, claimed that she had never encountered Choul before in her life, people on social media expressed incredulity about the entire incident, with one person saying that “King Kong should attempt to climb the Empire State building, rather than threatening children with cannibalism,” while another stated that while he had “heard of mean drunks….[he had] never heard of cannibal drunks.”