Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Barely Speaking And 'Clinging On To Romance,' Shares 'Radar Online'

Kathryn Cook

Are they on or are they off?

That seems to be the question that Khloe Kardashian's fans are asking following the cheating scandal that rocked her world. Since the birth of her daughter True, the normally outspoken reality star has remained rather tight-lipped over her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, and his infidelity. And while the Inquisitr recently reported that the couple were going to couple's therapy and taking the necessary steps to try and repair their romance, a new report shares that things are not looking too bright for the couple's future.

According to Radar Online, things are not going well at all for Thompson and Kardashian. In fact, one source claims that things are so bad right now, that the couple barely even speak to each other despite the fact that they're living under the same roof.

"They have nothing to say to each other and they'll spend hours in the house without uttering a word. It doesn't help that they have nothing in common besides the physical attraction, and that's suffering too."

"People tell her it's garbage and she knows True's as cute as they come, but it's still caused her lots of sleepless nights and she's shed many tears," the source claims.

However, there is one bright spot in Khloe's life at the moment — she's really happy to be back in Los Angeles with family now. As the Inquisitr shared, the reality star recently told fans in a blog post that she loves being home. And not only does she love being in her house itself, which she claims she missed, but she also dished that she loves having True so close to her cousins.

"I'm over the moon about being home! Of course, I missed my actual house immensely while I was in Cleveland — there's nothing like enjoying your own home. I'm most excited about being so close to my family. Getting the kids together and having True do all of her classes with her cousins is a great feeling!" Kardashian stated.