‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Week Of July 23 Brings A Fiery Rescue, Consequences, And A Murder Proposal

Craig SjodinABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital left everybody hanging and spoilers hint that Monday’s show will be an epic one. Valentin saved Nina from the fire, but Peter’s still trapped inside.Nelle has become increasingly worried about Michael’s commitment to her and she reached out to Chase to ask for help. In addition, Carly’s drugged up at Ferncliff, with Mary Pat anxious to make things worse. What’s known so far about where things are headed during the week of July 23?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Finn will do his best to save Peter from the fire as Maxie stands at the door and worries that it’s taking too long. The buzz is that Finn will be successful in saving Peter before the stables collapse, and Peter will pull through despite all he’s been through lately.

In the aftermath of the fire, SheKnows Soaps shares that Nina will lean on Alexis for advice and Finn will be feeling worried. He’ll certainly reach out to Anna as quickly as he can, and General Hospital spoilers via TV Source Magazine reveal that her response will perplex him.

Soon Nina will get lucky on some front, but both Nina and Obrecht will be facing repercussions for their role in Peter’s captivity. The week ahead brings a break of sorts for Julian, but trouble and setbacks for Kiki. Nina and Maxie will have a heartfelt conversation and Valentin will be left cast aside in some way.

Nelle called Chase after Michael left her in the room alone when she fell asleep and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will soon bring up the idea of killing Michael. Ava will be popping up to congratulate Michael late in the week and by Friday’s show, he’ll be hearing something juicy. Teasers indicate that he’ll manage to trap Nelle much like he’s been aiming to do, but viewers know better than to count her out yet.

The week of July 23 also has action related to Sam and Jason. They will spend some time together and grow closer again, but it doesn’t sound as if “JaSam” fans should get too excited yet. General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll do or say something that shows Sam where his priorities are, and this will lead to a “moment” of sorts. There will also be additional encounters between Drew and Margaux, as the show has hinted that it may try to recreate the sparks that actors Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson shared with one another on Young and Restless as Billy and Chloe.

Sonny will continue to struggle with all of the troubles on his plate and General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll soon confront Kevin about the Carly situation. Carly will be feeling very confused over things in her world and it sounds as if it’s going to take a while to resolve this situation.

Fans will be thrilled to see this leg of the Peter saga over with, and it sounds as if the Nelle, Michael, and Chase storyline could get pretty juicy in the episodes ahead. Additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge heading into the week of July 23 and it seems there’s a lot of great stuff on the way.