‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 4 HOH Winner Revealed, Next Nominations Are Made

Sonja FlemmingCBS

It is now Week 4 of Big Brother Season 20, and viewers were left hanging Thursday night with an endurance Head of Household competition. New BB20 spoilers are out detailing what went down in that competition, as well as what the buzz in the house was overnight. Weston was voted out in yet another blindside, and fans know that the upcoming week brings an opportunity for the next evictee to return to the game. How are things shaping up so far?

Big Brother Network shares the latest Season 20 spoilers. The Head of Household endurance competition started as Thursday’s episode wrapped up, and sometimes these challenges can go on for hours. In this case, however, a new HOH was crowned in about an hour. As the competition played out on the live feeds, Haleigh started talking about giving up almost immediately, and Kaitlyn complained about her situation a few minutes later.

Rockstar fell first and Faysal came down about five minutes later. Big Brother spoilers detail that Brett and Bayleigh were off the wall after that, then came Angela, Rachel, Haleigh, and JC. Kaitlyn and Kaycee were out next, leaving the final two in this HOH battle as Tyler and Sam. It seems that Sam was hollering to Tyler that he would be safe if he dropped, and it didn’t take much to convince him to give the HOH to Sam.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds note that after Sam won the HOH, there was a lot of talk about how the eviction vote went. Numerous house-guests were buzzing about who flipped on the vote, and several wondered about the power opportunities in play this coming week.

Faysal talked with JC about apparently knowing something about Kaitlyn that would be embarrassing if it came out on television, and he noted that he was upset about the votes and was willing to put Kaitlyn on blast if needed. Soon she approached Faysal and asked to speak with him, and she worked to convince him she didn’t flip.

Just before midnight, Sam told everybody that she didn’t need to have in-depth one-on-one discussions with everybody, because she already had a plan for nominations. She also told folks that she was going to keep things low-key with her HOH room, noting that she didn’t want people in there if she wasn’t there or hadn’t asked them in.

The talk continued into the wee hours of the night, with Rockstar following Brett around banging pans. At one point, Kaitlyn decided that Sam must have used a power to flip votes, while others got increasingly irritated with Kaitlyn. As everybody got up and going on Friday, Jokers Updates noted that Sam has talked about just wanting a relaxed, chill week.

Quite a few houseguests have been told that they aren’t going to be nominated, including Rockstar. The feeds went down mid-afternoon on Friday and Sam revealed her nominations. As many fans had predicted, Big Brother spoilers from the feeds indicate that Kaitlyn and Haleigh were put up on the block.

There’s a lot on the way yet before one of these players is evicted in Week 4. Given the fact that the evicted player may win his or her way back into the game, it could end up being the case that these nominations don’t matter much at all. There’s likely to be plenty of drama ahead, though, and fans should stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as they emerge.