‘The Bachelorette’ Week 9 Spoilers: Becca Kufrin Faces A Mystery Visitor As Her Overnight Dates Proceed

Craig SjodinABC

The fantasy suite overnight dates are always a big deal on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and that’s definitely the case for Becca Kufrin in Season 14. She’s decided to take Jason Tartick, Garrett Yrigoyen, and Blake Horstmann to Thailand for these dates and viewers will watch them play out in Episode 9 airing on Monday, July 23.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, all three of Becca Kufrin’s remaining men will be voicing strong feelings of love heading into these fantasy suite dates. In a new sneak peek posted by ABC, Jason Tartick will share that he has never had feelings for someone stronger than what he feels for Becca. During Kufrin and Tartick’s date, they will do some shopping in Thailand and they’ll even get adventurous by trying out a local treat: crickets.

ABC’s synopsis for Episode 9 teases that Blake Horstmann’s date will air first on Monday night. The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Becca and Blake will face a significant challenge as they hike the Monk’s Trail, a place where they cannot touch or kiss one another out of respect for local rules. This will be tough for the two who share some great chemistry, but it seems it’ll give them a great chance to explore other sides of their relationship.

Jason’s date airs second in Episode 9, which means that Garrett Yrigoyen’s will come last. The Bachelorette spoilers note that they’ll take a bamboo raft through a river in Thailand where they navigate around both swimmers and elephants. They’ll face some tough moments at dinner as she waits for him to let his guard down before she offers up the fantasy suite invitation, but it sounds pretty likely that they’ll take advantage of this overnight opportunity.

The network teases that a mystery man will show up before the rose ceremony and they hint that this visit could change everything. Based on spoilers from Reality Steve, it seems likely that this visitor is Becca’s Bachelor ex, Arie Luyendyk Jr. Reality Steve has said that Arie shows up this season at some point, and given how little is left in terms of action, this spot would make sense.

Will Arie showing up to see Kufrin turn everything upside down for Becca? That seems unlikely, although it may give Kufrin a chance to gain some additional closure now that she’s been through the process as the lead. Luyendyk is doing well with fiancee Lauren Burnham, Bachelorette spoilers have already revealed that Becca is happy and engaged, so it seems this appearance likely won’t turn out to be all that juicy.

It is known that Becca does shed tears in Episode 9, worrying that she’s done to one of the guys the same kind of thing Arie did to her. She also admits she’s fallen in love with two men, and there are some signs that Kufrin’s big meltdown comes after her date with Jason.

Will Kufrin eliminate Tartick rather than take him on the overnight part of the date? Reality Steve’s spoilers haven’t detailed anything like that happening, but some fans have started to speculate about the possibility due to teasers from the Episode 9 sneak peeks. Additional Bachelorette spoilers about these overnights should emerge ahead of Monday’s airing and fans cannot wait to see what comes next for Becca Kufrin.