‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spoon Island’s In Flames, Chase Cautions Michael, And Nelle Thinks Of Murder

Richard ShotwellInvision/AP Images

Viewers will not want to miss a minute of Friday’s General Hospital. Spoilers hint that things will get intense and it sounds as if a cliffhanger or two may be on the way. During Thursday’s show, Obrecht threw the lit Molotov cocktail at the stables as Nina screamed and numerous Port Charles residents were anxious to get to Spoon Island. In addition, Michael and Chase were moving forward on their scheme regarding Nelle and it looks like she’s taking the bait.

The sneak peek via Twitter for the July 20 show shows Nina continuing to scream as the place becomes engulfed in flames. General Hospital spoilers suggest that due to her own scheme to make others think that Spoon Island was quarantined, Nina will panic over the possibility that nobody will be coming to save them.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Obrecht will run into a problem of some sort during Friday’s show, while Valentin will be in a panic over getting out to Spoon Island. Chase hauled him into the station to question him over Franco’s assault, and even without knowing about the fire, he’ll be desperate to get to Nina before anybody else does.

Maxie has also pieced things together and is trying to get out to the island. General Hospital spoilers share that Lulu will cross paths with her as she’s on her way and ask questions regarding why Maxie’s so anxious to get to the island. It sounds as if Finn will also be working his way toward the island, and surely Sam and Curtis will pop up on Spoon Island as well.

Mary Pat has drugged up Carly at Ferncliff and General Hospital spoilers detail that Diane will pay a visit and become quite worried. Teasers note that Diane will have bad news to share with someone, and viewers will see Jason feeling anxious and cautioning Sonny against trying to accept responsibility for things being his fault when they aren’t.

Michael planned a juicy conversation with Jason for Nelle to overhear and it looks like things are going according to plan. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Chase and Michael will have a phone conversation where Chase will have a warning for Michael. He’ll point out that if Nelle figures out what they’re doing, she’ll become even more dangerous than she already is.

Nelle will have a conversation with someone during Friday’s show and she’ll seemingly ponder how one gets away with murder. General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll reach out to Chase for help, and teasers reveal that she will soon make a suggestion that Chase kill Michael. This is where the men have been heading with this plan, but they certainly don’t want to get ahead of themselves by assuming they’re fully in control.

Fans are anxious to see Peter freed from Obrecht’s grasp, but many worry about what will happen to Liesl. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are great twists and turns ahead next week and that Friday’s episode is one not to be missed.