Winston Hines Talks ‘Big Brother’ Blindside, Says He’ll Cheer On Bromance Brett From The Sidelines

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother’s biggest bromance has been broken—and it was a total blindside. Evicted Big Brother Season 20 houseguest Winston Hines has revealed he still can’t believe he was sent home from the CBS summertime reality show after he had been convinced by his housemates that he would be deemed safe in a unanimous vote.

Hines didn’t campaign hard against his chopping block opponent, Brett Robinson, simply because he was his best friend. Still, the 28-year old medical sales rep said he was really thrown off by the final vote of 6-5 to send him back home to Kentucky.

“I am still shocked,” Winston said the day after his eviction, according to The Toronto Sun. “I’m here holding a Starbucks wondering what in the world happened. It’s crazy. I’ve been running through every scenario in my head.”

While Winston admitted that Head of Household Scottie Salton’s plan to break up his powerful “Bros” alliance with Brett “makes sense,” he explained he is “frustrated just with the blindside.”

“Brett and I were big threats,” Winston said. “My whole campaign strategy was to hopefully let Brett paint himself as a bigger target than I was. There was a huge blowup in the kitchen with Kaitlyn and him. Ultimately, I think that’s why they kept him. He was the bigger target. That’s the only reasoning that comes into my head.”

Winston did admit that he didn’t perform well in any of the Big Brother HOH or Power of Veto competitions, adding, “It’s all on me.”

While Winston Hines had been hoping he would have a chance to battle back into the house, Big Brother host Julie Chen offered no such challenge. With no chance for the Big Brother grand prize for himself, Winston revealed he will continue to cheer for his Big Brother bestie.

“You ever see Batman and Robin? We are just one and two. He kept me sane in the house and we had some fun. I look forward to cheering him on.”

Big Brother fans saw Winston Hines’ reaction to his Level Six alliance’s betrayal during the live show on Thursday night. During his exit interview, Winston told Julie Chen he was assured that multiple people told him to “relax” because it was going to be a unanimous vote to save him. But Chen informed him that his alliance did turn against him, as well as his presumed friend, Sam Bledsoe. Winston told Julie he felt extremely betrayed and he revealed that on his way out the Big Brother door he tossed a friendship bracelet Sam had made for him on the floor.

“Sammie Sweetheart,” he scoffed. “I’m biting my tongue, Julie.”

While his bromance with Brett Robinson clearly hurt his Big Brother game, Winston Hines still contends he wouldn’t have played it any other way.

“I hope the best for Brett,” he said. “But I hope for everyone else that they crash and burn.”

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.