Former 49er Kwame Harris Accused Of Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend

Kwame Harris, a former offensive lineman for the 49ers, has been accused of assaulting his ex-boyfriend at a restaurant in Menlo Park. The argument that sparked Harris’ outburst was about soy sauce and underpants.

The incident involving Harris, and then boyfriend Dimitri Geier, took place in August 2012 at Su Hong restaurant, according to court documents.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Harris got angry when Geier tried to pour soy sauce on Harris’ rice. The publication spoke to San Mateo County prosecutor Al Serrato about the incident:

“Basically they’re having dinner together and they get into a verbal dispute and it gets violent from there. One of them had poured soy sauce onto the rice and the verbal dispute had escalated.”

During the argument Harris blamed Geier of stealing his underwear. Harris then tried to prove it by pulling down Geier’s pants.

Unsatisfied, Harris pinned Geier against a plate glass window and hit him repeatedly in the face. In a lawsuit filed by Geier he says the two are no longer a couple.

Harris has been charged with felony domestic abuse with great bodily injury and assault with great bodily injury. He appeared in Superior Court Monday to enter a plea.

Acoording to the NFL Network, the lawsuit Geier filed against Harris is for assault, battery, false imprisonment, negligence and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

In 2003 the 49ers took Kwame Harris with their first pick in the NFL draft. After five seasons in San Francisco he signed with the Oakland Raiders and was later released. He has been out of football since.

Harris played with a number of 49ers on the team’s Super Bowl roster including Frank Gore and Patrick Willis.

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