A 100 Foot Wave? Garrett McNamara May Have Set New World Record

Garrett McNamara has surfed some of the biggest waves in the world. In fact, earlier this year Guinness World Records confirmed that the surfers 78 foot wave in Nazare, Portugal was the biggest wave that anyone has ever surfed. Well, McNamara may have broken that record today with a 100-foot wave.

Nothing’s official yet but Surfer Today reports that McNamara caught a wave today in Nazare that may set a new record. The photo by Tó Mané definitely shows that McNamara is on one of the largest waves in the world but it’s hard to tell it’s exact height.

It’s unclear if McNamara will claim a new record with his 100-foot wave but there is some good news to report: He surfed down the incredibly steep slope and lived to tell the tale.

McNamara wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for all your support. It means the world to me. Today was an awesome day and so fun to be out there.”

McNamara set the record for world’s largest wave back in 2011. It took Guinness over a year to verify the wave so it may be a while to we hear about a new record.

Guinness writes:

“Guinness World Records can confirm that Garrett McNamara has entered the record books for surfing the largest ever wave. The extreme waterman… managed to surf a mammoth 78-foot wave last November at Nazaré, Portugal, a feat which has now been ratified by GWR after examining evidence. The Hawaiian 44-year-old’s epic ride, which required him to be towed into the wave from a jetski, beats a record set by Mike Parsons at Cortes Bank in southern California, in 2008 by over a foot.”

Here’s the video of Garrett McNamara’s record breaking ride from 2011.

Do you think Garrett McNamara set a new record with a 100-foot wave?

[Image Via Gustavo Miguel Fernandes / Shutterstock.com]