Elle Macpherson Wows In A Swimsuit At 54, Reveals Diet & Fitness Secrets

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Elle Macpherson is showing off her amazing body in a black swimsuit at 54-years-old. The model and actress proudly revealed her toned body in a new photoshoot for New Beauty magazine, where she also revealed her diet and fitness secrets to keeping herself in tip-top shape in a candid interview.

One stunning snap from the photoshoot shows Macpherson, who is a mom of two to sons 20-year-old Arpad and 15-year-old Aurelius, showing off her toned physique in a skimpy black swimsuit with a very low-cut back while leaning back towards the ocean with her arms in the air on what appeared to be a luxury yacht.

Elle revealed to the outlet that she’s had to work a little harder on her body since turning 50-years-old, admitting that she found her skin suddenly felt a lot drier and she began putting on weight in areas she didn’t have to worry about too much before.

“I started to put on weight around my waist and hips… My legs started to get heavy. I started to feel lethargic,” Macpherson confessed to the magazine of how she felt different following her milestone birthday a few years ago, adding that she also suddenly stopped feeling inspired and began to have difficulty sleeping. “My whole energy felt heavy,” she said.

Elle revealed to the outlet that she then sought the help of a nutritionist to help her to eat better. They started her on a raw, plant-based alkaline diet with a powdered supplement.

The Australian star revealed that she’s also pretty regimented about what she puts into her body.

As for exercise, Macpherson admitted she also works hard to exercise and stay healthy, but doesn’t always feel she has to hit the gym to do it.

“I’ve spun, I’ve done boxing and I’ve even had a workout video. But less strenuous exercise is sometimes better for our bodies – at least that’s been my experience,” Elle explained of how she stays active, adding that she now prefers to take things a little slower when it comes to her workout routine. “I do Vinyasa yoga or power yoga, or go for a swim, go paddle boarding or waterskiing, or take the dogs for a walk.”

Macpherson, who launched her own range of superfood supplements three years ago in 2015, also revealed that she’s learned to turn something even as simple as a walk by the ocean into a workout.

“I think walking in seawater is one of the best things I can do for my body. It tones the legs and the waist, it’s great for minerals, and if you have any water retention, it’s a great diuretic,” she said of using the ocean as a workout.

The supermodel also said that she likes to take a “walk in about thigh-deep or knee-deep water for 40 minutes to an hour” to help keep her legs toned.

As for how she keeps her skin looking so flawless, Macpherson admitted that she dry brushes her body every day either before or after a shower and is a big fan of exfoliation techniques to keep herself glowing after noticing that her skin became drier once she turned 50.

Elle has previously opened up about how important it is for her to take care of her body, telling Your Fitness magazine in 2017 that she’s very dedicated to her workout routine but has learned over the years to focus more on her body and less on the number she sees on the scale or the size on the label in her dresses.

Elle Macpherson rocks a swimsuit, reveals diet and exercise tips
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“I now know that a healthy mind and body is a balance of nutrition, exercise, intuition, experience and love,” the star said last year of what she’s learned as she’s gotten older, per Hello! Magazine. “I’m less concerned about the number on the scales or what dress size I wear now compared to when I was younger.”

Elle also added at the time that she’s very into meditation, and has learned over the years that beauty comes from the inside.

Macpherson also gave tips for anyone trying to get into shape in a 2016 interview with Hello! Magazine.

“Find 45 minutes to move,” Elle said, suggesting even simple activities to get moving such as walking the dog or walking to work. “I’m more likely to stay with it if it’s something I love and that fits into my life.”