School Closings Across The US Are Racially Biased, According To Activists

School closings are affecting many students and parents in many districts and cities across the nation. It’s not the first time that we have heard of school districts facing budget cuts, and possible school closures, but now these school closures are said to be racially targeted and that it would affect predominantly African-American students.

According to NBC Washington, activists are planning to sue the city school system. A small group of parents and activists took up signs in protest, stating that school closings target the poor and African-American students. The attorney for the group had the following statement:

“Poor people are entitled to equal education just like rich people. You can’t have one city if you don’t have one standard.”

D.C. is not the only case seen in the nation. As reported by newsworks, Philadelphia is also facing a similar accusation. In October of 2012, a community activist group names Action United filed a complaint that school closures in Philadelphia impacted minority and disabled student in a greater magnitude than any other student population.

It was noted that the school closings would affect 80 percent of African-American students, though Philadelphia’s student body is only 56 percent African-American. In addition, parents are concerned for their children’s safety because many of these school closures would force students of rival schools and gangs to attend the same school.

Chicago is yet another city that is facing a similar issue. WBEZ91.5 reported a group of activists from Chicago is joining the fight against racial discrimination with 17 other cities.

The case of racial discrimination being involved in school closings across the nation will be presented by the coalition of activists to Education Secretary Arne Duncan in D.C. on Tuesday.