Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Backside In Sheer Yellow Dress

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Emily Ratajkowski showed off her body in a pastel yellow dress that has an interesting cut. The dress is off-the-shoulder with thin, crossed straps. The top appears to be opaque, but the bottom rear portion is sheer. It’s a more subtle way to show off her rear end, than say, the latest Kourtney Kardashian photo where Kourtney’s wearing a thong bikini.

The model is standing in front of a planter with tropical plants growing out of it, as Emily looks back at the camera with a heavy pouty look. It looks like she’s wearing some sort of T-shirt partway on her right shoulder, with fishnet on her right arm.

The photo certainly has an island vibe, and may have been taken during her recent trip to Mykonos, but it’s hard to say for sure. Emily was recently paid around $1.3 million to take part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new luxury Mykonos shopping center, reported the Daily Mail. So the photo could have been taken during that trip.

The ribbon cutting ceremony also included Gigi Hadid, who also reportedly made $1.3 million for appearing at the event at the Nammos Village shopping center. Between the two super-sought after models, the event reportedly attracted more than 190 million viewers during the live stream.

Flora or fauna?

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The shopping center also paid other influencers another $469,000 to attend the event. The Nammos Village says its the first mall of its kind, because it’ll feature many big brands.

Critics wondered about the irony of such an extravagant showing of money while the Greeks suffer an economic crisis. In fact, on June 22, Eurozone ministers agreed to the end of the Greek debt crisis as part of a bailout. The bailout includes €15 billion in loans and a cash buffer of €24.1 billion, reported the New York Times.

Currently, one-fifth of all Greece is unemployed, while median incomes decreased by one-third. Citizens also suffered pension cuts, tax increases, and credit controls. Further pension cuts and tax increases are expected. Although politicians sound optimistic about the future of Greece, its citizens are less so.

“What exit? This is a life sentence… Taxes, taxes and more taxes… Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel? What kind of future do my grandchildren have?” resident Giorgos Amantidis said.

Meanwhile, the new Nammos Village shopping mall boasts many high-end stores including Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Oscar de la Renta.