Utopian Society Is Being Planned In Detroit

A utopian free-market society is being planned in Detroit. While the Michigan city may not be the first locale one would consider utopian-ready, one developer is proposing it soon could be. Belle Isle Park is being touted as the place to begin rebuilding the America spirit which once propelled Detroit to fiscal prosperity.

Developer Rodney Lockwood wants Detroit to sell Belle Isle Park to private investors for $1 billion. The investors would then turn the 928-acre vacant island into a big government free society. Belle Isle Park is located on the Detroit River between the United States and Canada.

If the plan evolves as designed, Belle Isle Park would then be turned into a city-state or US commonwealth. The island could house approximately 35,000 people, The Blaze notes. The buy-in to become a resident of the utopian society next to Detroit would be $300,000.

The utopian society would have its own currency, laws, and transportation, the Detroit News reports. Once Belle Isle Park is in private hands, it would then be given permission to secede from Michigan and embark on a Puerto Rico style existence.

Government on the island would be limited and there would be no income or corporate tax. Belle Isle Park would also be used as a type of social and economic laboratory. Property taxes would be based upon the value of the land and not the property itself.

Folks interested in living on the island but don’t have the funds necessarily to purchase citizenship could qualify for immigrant status. A total of 20 percent of the Belle Isle Park utopia residents could be comprised of new entrepreneurs and artists. All residents must be able to speak English, have a good credit ratings and no criminal record.

Would you like to live on Belle Isle Park?

[Image via The Blaze]