Leslie Jones Says Her Week Has Been ‘F-ed Up’ After Her Poor Review Of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

Dimitrios Kambouris/ Kelly SullivanGetty Images

It has not been a good week for Leslie Jones, to say the least. The Saturday Night Live comedienne and sometime actress found herself in a load of hot water after she publicly criticized the Honest Company, the organic company owned by former actress Jessica Alba.

Jones took to social media to blast the Honest Company for what she called “bad business.”

Now, however, Jones is realizing that blasting a beloved company will lead to nothing but a public relations disaster — not to mention a full blowback — and she’s decided to take a break from social media until everything dies down.

People Magazine is reporting that Leslie Jones took to Twitter to announce that she would be “taking a break” from social media after the”‘f—ed up week” she had.

“I disappear now into my tv programs. F— the world for a minute!! Goodbye!” she wrote.

Jones initially used the social media platform to blast the Honest Company because an order she’d placed was late. This led to a brief, but public, Twitter spat between the two Hollywood heavyweights, played out for all the world to see, and comment upon.

After Alba and Leslie Jones went back and forth for a little while, Alba apologized to the Ghostbusters actress, and let her know that she was a fan of her work.

But the comedienne didn’t acknowledge the tweet, and the damage had already been done.

The initial beef was started over a “diaper cake” — a popular item at baby showers, the diaper cake is made out of rolled diapers shaped into a layered “cake.”

Jones had ordered one such diaper cake for a baby shower she was attending — though it wasn’t clear who was the lucky (or unlucky, as it were in this case, since the “cake” arrived late) recipient of the gift was.

The Honest Company, via their Twitter, explained to the actress that diaper cakes take one-to-three days to process, because of the intricacy and labor behind them, and that’s why her diaper cake was late.

Leslie Jones wasn’t having it, however, and proceeded to roundly berate the company, claiming that things should “be made clear that the order is sent after processing which you don’t do. It’s not overnight if it gets there in a week.” She then went on to complain that she paid nearly $50 for overnight shipping, and the last three orders she’d placed were late.