Ariana Grande’s Visionary Idea Made The Paint Scene During ‘God Is A Woman’ Music Video Unforgettable

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Two weeks before Ariana Grande was going to shoot the music video for “God Is A Woman,” they called up an artist named Alexa Meade. Meade’s innovative work had gone viral online before, and she’s known for painting people’s entire bodies and posing them against painted backdrops. The result is a stunning mixture of realism and fantasy.

The initial idea was always to have Ariana in some sort of large tub. Meade also called on a Georgia O’Keeffe painting for inspiration, called Grey Lines With Black, Blue and Yellow. She said that the inspiration was in line with Ariana’s song about women empowerment, detailed BuzzFeed News.

Meade got busy creating the backdrop based on the painting. She got five or six inflatable pools, and found that a vegan milk alternative was the perfect base for dropping in paint to create a colorful and dreamy ambiance.

Although Meade initially thought that she would be painting Ariana from head-to-toe as she usually does, Ariana had an idea that blew her mind and helped form the unforgettable paint scene in the music video.

Instead of having Meade paint her entire body, Ariana suggested that some sections of her body ought to be painted, leaving other parts bare.

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The result, as Meade described it, could be hugely attributed to Grande’s idea.

“It was an incredible stroke of genius and artistic insight, and I need to give credit to Ariana for that one.”

And when Meade later saw the video when it was released, she found it “epically beautiful.” Although she was on-set during filming, she said she “wasn’t able to take a step back and see the finished product until later.”

The paint scene is super amazing, it almost looks like it’s computer-generated.

It’s even inspired Lush to make a new bath bomb after the scene, which Ariana herself asked for on Twitter after fans suggested it.

Ariana’s also released a teaser for a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube.

The teaser shows the singer against green screens, and also shows her getting painted by Meade.

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Meade has received national recognition for her work. In June, an art gallery in San Francisco featured her work in a celebrity-inspired collaboration. Instead of painting directly onto people, this time, she offered props that she had painted on for people to take selfies with, reported Business Insider.

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Ariana’s “God Is A Woman” music video was posted on YouTube on July 13, and already has almost 33 million views.