San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Had Some Huge Announcements Today, Here’s A Rundown

Jesse GrantGetty Images

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is gearing up for a busy weekend, today through Sunday, July 22. However there were plenty of announcements made just today regarding some of the hottest movies, television shows, video games, and other media that audiences are anticipating.

Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest announcements from Thursday at SDCC.

A new trailer for the upcoming PS4 video game Spider-Man was unveiled, according to Polygon. Gamers and comic book fans alike were raving about the footage, clearly impressed by the upcoming Marvel video game.

Star Wars: Clone Wars, the hit animated series, is being resurrected for a brand new 12-episode run, according to IGN.

Marvel Studios revealed the gorgeous cover of their new book, titled Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years.

As Vox is reporting, SDCC was the site of the new Doctor Who trailer, where the debut of the first woman Doctor was unveiled. Fans have been absolutely ecstatic about the trailer, tweeting their excitement. During the Doctor Who panel at SDCC, Jodie Whittaker was candid about her feelings on being the first female doctor on the show.

“It will be exciting when women aren’t treated as a genre, but as a cast member. If you lead a show, it doesn’t mean it’s for women, which I think always happens”

Funko announced they are releasing a slew of new vinyl figures. The extremely-collectible figures include new pieces for characters in Kingdom Hearts, Disney Films, Marvel Studios, Doctor Who, and Hanna Barbara, among numerous others.

As reported by the Inquisitr, horror films were in full effect at San Diego Comic-Con. Halloween (2018) received a new poster, IT: Chapter Two premiered its first footage for fans, and hot off the success of Joe Bob Briggs’ internet-breaking special The Last Drive-In, Shudder was present at the convention promoting their recently-acquired series, Channel Zero, alongside the horrifying figure from the series, known simply as “The Tooth Child.” Fans were both mortified and impressed.

On Friday, fans will get a new trailer for Season 9 of the AMC hit-series The Walking Dead, which was teased with a sneak-peek via Twitter today. The new season of the show is expected to premiere later in 2018, with a second part to the season picking up in 2019, as per usual with The Walking Dead.

Between now and Sunday, July 22, fans of all types of media can expect another veritable truckload of major entertainment announcements to continue dropping.

San Diego Comic-Con has been taking place since 1970 and brings approximately $180 million of revenue to the city of San Diego every year.