Man Slices The Most Watermelons Ever On His Stomach, Sets New Guinness Record

There truly is a Guinness World Record for everything.

On Tuesday, July 17, a man from New York City set a new record for slicing the most watermelons in half on his stomach.

Ashrita Furman cut 26 watermelons in two with a sword in just 60 seconds, according to ABC News.

The 63-year-old sliced six more melons than needed to establish the new world record.

Furman completed this dangerous feat by laying on a table outside and having assistants place the large fruit onto his stomach.

He wore regular clothing, a blue T-shirt and khakis. There was no protection, such as a cutting board, underneath his shirt, which he did slice a hole into during the challenge.

At the end of a video posted on Reuters‘ Twitter page, he lifted up his shirt to see the damages and, relieved to see only a few cuts that were not bleeding, said, “Not bad.”

He did wear a special black glove on his left hand, which he used to steady the watermelons once they were placed on his belly.

“Furman said controlling the danger of the sword involves the combination of proper aim and just the right amount of strength,” said a reporter from Los Angeles’ ABC7 News.

“I’m really thrilled,” he said after setting the new world record.

“My first reaction is I’m relieved that I didn’t kill myself, and the second is I’m exhilarated because it not only is a skillful record, but also it’s something that I invented, and now it’s something that’s out there and other people can challenge it.”

Furman, who holds the most world record titles, is a member of the Guinness World Records’ Hall of Fame.

“Ashrita has made it his life’s mission to break as many records as he can, eager to prove that anyone with a heartfelt dream and a determined mindset can be recognized by a world-renowned authority,” it is stated on the Guinness website.

Furman believes he has set at least 750 records since the late 1970s, and Reuters noted that at least 225 of those records still stand today.

“Some of Furman’s other successful records include the fastest mile run with a milk bottle balanced on his head, fastest pogo stick hop to the top of Mount Fuji in Japan, and the longest distance walked with a running lawnmower balanced on his chin,” reported Philadelphia’s CBS 3.

The watermelons used in Furman’s latest stunt were donated to a local restaurant to make special juice drinks.