Heather Locklear’s Ex-Husband, Richie Sambora, Reveals He’s Hired ‘Specialists’ To Help The Actress

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For the first time since Heather Locklear was arrested, her ex-husband, Richie Sambora, has broken his silence about his now-ex-wife, and made a shocking revelation about how he’s helping her through her struggles.

The Daily Mail reports that the Bon Jovi guitarist, who shares a daughter with the troubled actress, flew to her home in Malibu, California, on a fighter plane with the initials “HL” emblazoned on the side to be by Heather Locklear’s side.

He then revealed exclusively to the outlet that he hired a whole battalion of specialists and doctors to care for his now-ex-wife, and she’s currently in a private treatment facility until September, when doctors will “reassess” her condition and check her progress.

As for why Sambora went above and beyond for a woman that he divorced in 2007, Sambora revealed that part of his loyalty to her stemmed from the fact that they were married for more than 10 years (from 1994 to 2007), and that because of their daughter, Ava, he felt an obligation to his ex-wife.

“I will of course always be there for Heather and especially Ava. I am very proud of my daughter for her composure and strength during this difficult time,” he said.

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Sambora was able to commission the AT-6 Texan plane to support Heather Locklear because of his work with a non-profit organization called The Condor Squadron Officer’s and Airmen’s Association in Van Nuys, California.

According to Radar Online, shock jock Howard Stern made headlines when he blamed Heather’s two ex-husbands — Sambora and Tommy Lee — for her meltdown, claiming that the two rockers “made her insane.”

Stern, for his part, claimed he made the comments out of “love” for Heather Locklear, because she was a longtime friend of his. She, in fact, was one of the first people to guest star on his controversial radio show, at a time when he couldn’t book guests. So, he felt a sense of loyalty to her, and hated the fact that his friend was in “bad shape.”

After Stern made the comment, Tommy Lee took to Twitter and went off the proverbial rails, cursing out Howard Stern and calling him “irrelevant,” among other things.

But Sambora took the accusations in stride, choosing instead to focus on what was best for both Heather Locklear and Ava Sambora, rather than respond to an accusation that was designed to hurt his pride or to get him to react.