'General Hospital' Cast News: Tristan Rogers Returns To Port Charles, Fans Hope He's Bringing Anna Back Home

Stacy Carey

General Hospital spoilers reveal that a fan-favorite character is about to pop up again and many think it's about time. Tristan Rogers has played Robert Scorpio on-and-off for many years, and he's been away from Port Charles for a little while now again. Luckily, he's soon going to be in the mix of things again, and this should mean there's a juicy storyline on the horizon.

Reports started to circulate that Tristan Rogers was headed back to General Hospital soon, but fans felt somewhat confused over the dates that were being tossed around. Rogers took to his Twitter page to respond to one follower's question and he provided some great clarity.

Rogers said that as far as he knows, everything he has previously filmed has already aired. However, he does start shooting new scenes again next week, beginning on July 23. Tristan said that his first returning scenes will air on August 7.

Will Robert Scorpio's return coincide with that of Anna's? Actress Finola Hughes has been away for an extended vacation, but she just hinted via Twitter that she might be on the brink of returning to General Hospital. She posted about some printing issues and when a follower tweeted about wanting her back, Finola said that what she was printing might have been a script and that she might be back soon.

The last that viewers saw of Anna, she had seemingly been kidnapped. She was headed to California to see Robin, but her driver clearly had malicious intentions. Nobody has been in a panic over this yet, but as Peter is found in the days ahead, it'll surely become clear that Anna isn't with Robin after all.

It seems likely that as Finn becomes concerned about Anna's whereabouts, he'll reach out to Robert or somehow Robert gets involved, and that paves the way for Tristan's return. Will General Hospital keep Rogers around for a while and give him some juicy scenes that fully take advantage of his experience and acting chops?

Fans love to have Robert Scorpio in the mix of things and would love to see Tristan Rogers featured in a new storyline rather than handled like a sidekick as seems to sometimes be the case. Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon as the actor's return draws near and fans will want to stay tuned to hear more about Finola Hughes apparent return as well.