‘Big Brother’ Evicted Houseguest Says Kaitlyn Herman Has Ruined Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend At Home

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother’s most recent evicted houseguest thinks Kaitlyn Herman is in for a wake-up call. In an interview with Us Weekly, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams said he believes Kaitlyn’s flirty antics with some of her Big Brother castmates will come back to haunt her once she leaves the CBS summertime house. Kaitlyn came on to the show in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Joe Pincus, but she has been caught on the CBS live feeds flirting with several of the Big Brother guys, most notably Tyler Crispen.

“I don’t agree with her decisions,” Williams told Us. “We all said that in the house, that when she gets out she’s going to get a rude awakening,”

Swaggy C added that he believes that Tyler has feelings for Kaitlyn, but he noted that the Encino life coach has also been flirty with Brett Robinson and Faysal Shafaat.

“She was trying to mess with Fes,” Williams said. “Fes wasn’t with it because he likes Haleigh. And now I don’t know what she’s doing with Tyler. I can’t speak on it but she has a boyfriend and she’s ruining it on national TV.”

During his exit interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen, Swaggy C called out Kaitlyn’s affectionate relationship with Tyler, who helped orchestrate his eviction from the BB20 house.

“Tyler is soft! He fell in love with a girl who has a boyfriend back home, like, good luck!” Swaggy said.

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Kaitlyn’s boyfriend of five years recently released a statement amid all of the backlash he has been receiving about his longtime girlfriend.

Pincus, a musician, took to Twitter to tell Big Brother fans, “I’ve been trying to separate myself from the show and the situation as much as possible. I did indeed request (not demand) for [my] ‘show release’ to be pulled, and that is still to be determined (I’m aware people in past seasons have done this)…Won’t be saying anything else on this – I’ll be focusing on my family and friends, wellbeing and my music.”

A Twitter account claiming to be Pincus’ sister also tweeted about the awkward situation, describing herself as “Kaitlyn’s former friend” and making it seem as though her brother has already moved on from the relationship.

“We are all aware of her psycho and out of character antics. Trust me, he can and WILL do much better than her and doesn’t need anyone’s pity. If you want to support him, follow and share his music.”

Swaggy C weighed in on Pincus’ statement, telling Us, “I don’t blame him for a second because lately she’s in the house and she’s laying next to Fes half-naked, and doing all this extra stuff. And then she wakes up and talks about him and how they’ve been together for four years but then she’s kissing all on Fessy’s cheek and she gets jealous when Fessy [went] for Haleigh… I agree with [Joe] 100 percent.”

Kaitlyn Herman recently defended her behavior in the Big Brother house. According to Us Weekly, Herman was overheard on the live feeds complaining to Faysal Shafaat after another houseguest called her out for flirting with the men in the Big Brother house.

“You know what Rockstar said that pissed me off just now? She said to me, ‘If I was doing the s—t that you do, I wouldn’t have a home to go home to,'” Herman said on the CBS live feed. “This is who I am, a**hole. I hope I have somewhere to go home to, too. I hope Joe doesn’t take it the wrong way.”

Herman later confided in Tyler Crispen, telling him, “I’m so self-aware. I’m on national television. My friends and family know who I am. I’m such an affectionate person. This has always been Kaitlyn. It always will be.”

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