Natalie Wood’s Death Revisited In ‘Fatal Voyage,’ Detective Believes She May Have Been ‘Victim Of Assault’

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Actress Natalie Wood died several decades ago, but her death remains shrouded in questions and mystery. A new podcast is about to debut that addresses many of the outstanding questions about the star’s death and it sounds as if it will bring forth new questions and intriguing tidbits while it tries to find answers.

Soap Opera Digest details that things will get wild right away in Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood. Investigative journalist Dylan Howard hosts the new podcast, and apparently, Howard and his team have been digging into this mystery for the past seven years.

This series will do more than just cover the known basics about the case, as it re-examines previous testimony and statements as well as brings in new details. For example, listeners will hear from a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department homicide detective in the first episode who questions the bruises found on Natalie after her death.

Hernandez will note that the bruises were not necessarily consistent with Wood trying to climb back onto the boat after falling over the side, as was determined in 1981 after her death. Rather, Hernandez believes that the bruises were more consistent with someone who was the victim of assault.

The detective maintains that this death was surrounded by suspicious circumstances and he is determined to uncover and prove the truth about what happened. The team worked with forensic experts and had them review the documentation put together after Natalie’s death, and they will share interviews from Wood’s unpublished memoir that have not been heard before. In addition, the Fatal Voyage podcast will share interviews with many people who were connected to Wood.

Howard calls this an active investigation of the case, not a simple retelling of the story of her death. Fatal Voyage will apparently present multiple, plausible theories about what may truly have happened in those final hours of Natalie’s life. Listeners will also hear questions about what roles her husband, Robert Wagner, and boat guest that evening, Christopher Walken, may have played in her death.

Us Weekly notes that Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood will be released on Friday, July 20. This just happens to also be Natalie’s birthday, and she would have turned 80 this year. The podcast will be broken into 12 episodes and Howard teases that it’s a wild story with twisted lies, forbidden affairs, and murder.

Will this new look at Natalie Wood’s death uncover new details that point toward the truth of what happened that night? After years of questions, with little revealed by either Robert Wagner or Christopher Walken, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department started digging into the case again earlier this year. It may be that the full truth about what happened that night is never determined, but many suspect that there’s much more to the story than what’s been revealed thus far.