Katy Perry Dresses In Drag, Plays Game Show Host On ‘Ellen’ [Video]

Katy Perry may spend a lot of time flaunting her feminine figure but every once in awhile the pop star will also dress up in drag.

Perry donned a rocking bow-tie, a plaid suit jacket and a manly mustache during an appearance on The Ellen Show earlier this week. Perry also had some sweet short hair.

Perry joked: “I asked for the Anne Hathaway.”

Perry was dressed up in drag as part of a game show skit on the talk show called Grab Ellen’s Bust.

The game was pretty simple (just a couple of trivia questions about Ellen) but Katy Perry in drag and two contestants who were so nervous that they could barely stand still made for pretty good TV.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • One of the contestants can’t believe she’s standing next to Ellen and whispers, “I can’t believe you touched me.”
  • The same contestant flashed the audience after Perry asked the question: “Show us what women do in New Orleans for beads?” Before adding: “No, just joking. Just tell us.” Too late.
  • And again, Katy Perry in drag.

Here’s the clip from Ellen.