Michael Scheuer: In Shocking Blog, Ex-CIA Official Calls For Donald Trump Supporters To Murder Trump's Critics

Jonathan Vankin

The former CIA official who headed the agency's hunt for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden from 1995 to 1999 is now himself calling for acts of terrorism. But the 66-year-old Michael Scheuer, who quit the CIA in 2004, said in a shocking new blog post that these new terrorist acts should be carried out not by Islamic fundamentalists but by supporters of Donald Trump. As Mediaite reported, Scheuer calls for Trump's backers to murder his political opponents and critics — including Trump's own predecessor in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama.

"It seems likely that it is quite near time for killing those involved in the multiple and clearly delineated attempts to stage a coup d'état against the legitimately elected Trump government and thereby kill our republic," Scheuer wrote last Thursday on his personal blog, Non-Intervention.

Those involved in the fictitious "coup d'etat" against Trump imagined by Scheuer include, according to his blog post, Democratic 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, her 2016 campaign manager John Podesta, former FBI Director James Comey who was fired by Trump in 2017, current FBI Director Christopher Wray who was appointed by Trump to replace Comey, and Obama, whom the ex-CIA analyst describes as "foreign born."

In a later blog post, published July 17, Scheuer accuses "Israel and wealthy Jewish-Americans" of conspiring to "destroy the Western tradition, manipulate U.S. elections, and to tear American society apart."

Scheuer's role in the hunt for bin Laden was depicted in the recent TV series The Looming Tower, in the fictionalized character "Martin Schmidt," played by actor Peter Sarsgaard, according to TV Guide. But he was perhaps best known after his retirement from the CIA as an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, and author of the 2004 New York Times bestseller Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror, which he published anonymously — though Scheuer's identity was revealed about two weeks in advance of the book's publication, according to a report on the book by the online magazine Slate.com.

But according to author David Frum, in a 2014 Daily Beast article on Scheuer, the retired CIA official long ago had a "meltdown," appearing to endorse the assassinations of both Obama and then-United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron in an online column published on the far-right-wing site Information Clearing House.

"Scheuer was not significantly less nuts during his hour of celebrity than he is today," Frum wrote, referring to Scheuer's 2004 book. "In the pages of the book that made him famous, he revealed himself as a paranoid character, strongly tinged with anti-Semitism."