‘Southern Charm’ Reunion: What Fans Can Expect From Part One

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After the crazy finale, it will be hard for Southern Charm to top the level of drama that took place at the Winter Ball thrown by Whitney’s mom, Patricia Altschul. Well, tonight is part one, and though it was supposed by Andy Cohen that the reunion would be a three-parter, it’s actually a two-and-a-half, with next week as a 90-minute reunion wrap up.

Entertainment Tonight has shared several videos from part one of the Southern Charm reunion, including a glimpse of some of the tears. Between Kathryn Dennis and Cameran Eubanks, we usually get stoic, but not tonight. Cameran gives a heartfelt apology to Kathryn for being a mean girl in the past and assuming that things shared by Thomas Ravenel were true. Cameran called Ravenel’s girlfriend a horrible person.

“I just can’t imagine what you’ve been through as a mom, and not having support around you in that time in your life,” she tells Kathryn. “And then, to have all this s**t you had to go through on top of it, it makes me feel sick.”

It’s easy to see that Kathryn believes that Cam is sincere and does feel that finally she is being heard.

Kathryn also is relieved that everyone now sees what she has known all along. Dennis responds to Cam to say thank you.

“It means a lot to hear that,” Kathryn tells Cameran. “I’ve had a lot of resentment and anger, I guess because I felt like I was treated unfairly. But, I know that Thomas is super convincing and to have you say that, like, finally gives me affirmation that I wasn’t the crazy one. Finally, you guys see it. He’s shown you guys on his own. I knew nature would take its course, or whatever. And, I just appreciate being in a place where you guys understand me because I think feeling so misunderstood for so long feels even… I don’t know.”

Fans of Kathryn realize that though she won’t likely forget the past snubs, she is willing to forgive in order to move forward. Kathryn indicates that she’s changed and grown up, and understands that others also go through an evolution.

Look for the others to tear up while this exchange happens, especially Shep, who has always been thoroughly #TeamKathryn.

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Onto other rifts, Bravo shared an interview behind the scenes with Naomie Olindo, who went into the reunion thinking that all was kosher with Craig Conover, and was blindsided when he came for her and was defensive of all of the men being criticized this season. Both are now seeing other people and seem happy, so Naomie says she was shocked when Craig said, “your whole life is a lie! You are a fraud!”

When asked why Craig is such a good liar, Naomie explains that he always has to have a story for not following through.

And Naomie, how can you tell when Craig is lying?

“Well, he is more times than not.”

Part one of the Southern Charm reunion airs tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.