Vicki Gunvalson Defends Herself Amid Kelly Dodd Feud, Didn’t Know Double Dating With Michael Broke Girl Code

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Vicki Gunvalson is insisting that she meant no harm when she decided to go on a double date with Kelly Dodd’s ex-husband, Michael, and another woman.

While chatting with TooFab earlier this week, the Real Housewives of Orange County star said that she didn’t think it was any of her friend Dodd’s business who her former partner was dating and claimed she was unaware that Dodd would have any ill feelings about her going out with Michael and his new flame.

“It really wasn’t Kelly’s business who Michael was dating,” Gunvalson said. “Kelly got her feelings hurt really bad, and I had no idea that she could be that emotional about it, but I was in a really tough spot.”

As Gunvalson recalled, Dodd accused her of breaking girl code but her longtime friend Terri asked her not to tell Dodd about the double date. According to Gunvalson, she’s known Terri much longer than Dodd and didn’t feel that she was doing anything to break girl code. She then pointed out that Dodd wasn’t married to Michael when they all went out.

“If Michael and her were married and I set him up with somebody and they were cheating, then yeah, that’s horrible,” she added. “Or if I dated Michael, that’s horrible. But we were just very platonic. It was just four of us going out to dinner a couple of times. It wasn’t a big deal.”

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Kelly Dodd and her now-ex-husband Michael confirmed the end of their marriage in September of last year and proceeded to move on with other people in the months that followed. However, as Vicki Gunvalson told TooFab, she isn’t so sure that Dodd has truly moved on from her past marriage and suspects that she may still be “in love” with her ex-husband.

While Dodd has not yet responded to Gunvalson’s statements regarding her alleged feelings for Michael, she has shared photos of him on Instagram recently and in the comments section of one of her posts last month, she explained to her fans and followers that she and Michael were good friends. She also said that it was quite nice to be able to spend time together as a family with their daughter, Jolie.

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